Spokane Community College focuses on 4 main themes to advance their students. They have professional technical and degree programs that prepare students to enter the work force while the Academic Transfer courses prepare students for success when they transfer to their desired higher education institution. The faculty at SCC is dedicated to making sure each student gets the individual attention they need to succeed.
Students have the opportunity to participate in the schools vast athletics program. Sports offered include baseball, basketball, cross-country, softball, aquatics, tennis and volleyball to name a few.SCC is also unique in that it has several facilities on campus staffed and run by students in those specific fields of study.The Greenery is a student run floral shop/nursery; Orlando’sis a full service restaurant, staffed and run by those in the culinary arts program and a full cosmetology center, staffed and run by those students studying cosmetology.


Spokane Community College is located in the city of Spokane in the state of Washington. Spokane enjoys 2 main seasons, summer and winter, with spring and fall coming and going fairly quickly. Spokane Community College is located just east of downtown Spokane. There is plenty to do in Spokane for those who crave a small town feel to those who enjoy the big city. Spokane’svisual and arts programs have several events in the city that attract many people every year including the famous Art walk. The Spokane Symphony and the Spokane Jazz Orchestra provide a full season of music for the community. There are also many theater groups that put on theater productions at venues across the city.For those looking for a little activity outdoors, the Spokane River Centennial Trail features 37 miles of paved trails along the Spokane River while nearby Lake Country in Idaho is a popular for water activities like kayaking,swimming, or a relaxing game of golf.


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