Dedicated to advancing globally competitive programs and services and developing globally-competitive leaders.
Saint Louis University maintains and encourages programs that link University resources to international communities in collaborative efforts to alleviate ignorance, poverty, injustice and hunger; extend compassionate care to the ill and needy; and maintain and improve the quality of life for all persons.
Our international programs have reached new heights as evidenced by the rankings in the 2011 U.S. News & World Report “America’s Best Colleges.” For instance, U.S. News gave SLU high marks to the undergraduate program (No. 12) and graduate program (No. 17) in international business.


St. Louis is a city and port in the U.S. state of Missouri. The city developed along the western bank of the Mississippi River, which forms Missouri’s border with Illinois. In 2010, St. Louis had a population of 319,294; a 2013 estimate put the population at 318,416,[6] making it the 58th-most populous U.S. city and the second-largest city in the state in terms of city proper population, second only to Kansas City. The St. Louis metropolitan area includes the city as well as nearby areas in Missouri and Illinois; with a population of 2,905,893, it is the largest in Missouri and one of the largest in the United States.
Pierre Laclède founded St. Louis in 1764 and Auguste Chouteau and named after Louis IX of France. Claimed first by the French, who settled mostly east of the Mississippi River, the region in which the city stands was ceded to Spain following France’s defeat in the Seven Years’ War. Its territory east of the Mississippi was ceded to Great Britain, the victor. The area of present-day Missouri was part of Spanish Louisiana from 1762 until 1802.


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